In today’s episode of our Messepodcast is a must-listen as we sit down with Dr. Michael Harenbrock, a principal expert in electric mobility at MANN+HUMMEL, the global leaders in filtration. With over 25 years at the company, Dr. Harenbrock takes us through the evolution of MANN+HUMMEL’s role in developing products for electrified powertrains, emphasizing the challenges and opportunities the shift towards electrification brings. He shares the fascinating developments in fuel cell systems, the collaborative efforts with research institutes, and the strategic approaches MANN+HUMMEL is taking in adapting to market demands. This includes the exciting introduction of their new line-up called ‚Max‘, designed for higher power fuel cell systems that is set to be a highlight at this year’s Hannover Messe . Join us to learn more about the dynamic fusion of sustainability and innovation that is driving the future of the automotive industry at MANN+HUMMEL.

Wer ist Michael Harenbrock?

Michael Harenbrock is a seasoned expert with over two decades of experience in the filtration industry, having celebrated his 25-year tenure at MANN+HUMMEL in 2023. In 2010, Michael shifted his focus towards the forefront of automotive innovation, diving into projects centered on electric mobility and fuel cells. In his esteemed role as a principal expert in electric mobility, he keeps a keen eye on market and technology trends related to electrified powertrains, encompassing both battery electric and fuel cell technologies. His responsibilities include spearheading innovation projects, which aims to deliver customer value by addressing upcoming technical requirements in the industry. Michael's expertise is widely acknowledged, illustrated by his active participation in various clusters and leading industry organizations. Furthermore, he leverages his knowledge and leadership skills by serving as chairman in pre-competitive industry research projects, guiding collaborative efforts towards advancements in electric mobility. Michael Harenbrock is a visionary in electrification, committed to steering the automotive industry towards a sustainable future.
Michael Harenbrock
Anna Matuschka
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MANN+HUMMEL auf der Messe
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Informationen über MANN+HUMMEL

MANN+HUMMEL is a global leader in the filtration industry, founded in 1941 with a strong position in creating filtration products for internal combustion engines. With the evolving market towards electrification, the company has continued to emphasize its core competency in filtration by focusing on the purification of gases and liquids for new technologies like electric mobility and fuel cells. As a result, MANN+HUMMEL has initiated innovation projects to develop filtration systems for electrified power trains that meet the technical requirements of sustainability and efficiency. They offer a diverse range of products, particularly in the field of fuel cell systems, including air filtration components and cooling loop products that ensure clean air and coolants for the various applications of fuel cell systems. MANN+HUMMEL participates actively in pre-competitive industry research projects, collaborates with research institutes, and keeps pace with market and technology trends through innovation and strategic partnerships.

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